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TANKMATE WiFi Water Level Indicator

$429 unit only or $498 installed

Access your key water information whenever you need to, from wherever you are.

With TankMate you can accurately monitor the level of your water tanks, from anywhere. No more guessing. Now you can know when to fill up, and when to cut back your usage to manage a dry spell.

Once installed, you can use the desktop or mobile apps to see all of your key water tank information at a glance. Key features:

  • See your current tank volume

  • How many days your water is likely to last for

  • Your recent water usage trends

  • Local rainfall forecast

  • Customised notifications and alerts

  • New features:

    • Multi-tank / sensor options in the mobile apps

    • Customise how often your data is sent to the cloud


GutterFoam Leaf Guard

Please contact us for a quote based on your specific requirements

GutterFoam has made gutter management and gutter protection simple. GutterFoam delivers 4-in-1 gutter protection, it stops leaves, it deters birds, and prevents mosquitos breeding in gutters. It’s the ONLY tank water safe foam available in NZ.

  • Open cell Polyether foam

  • High porous filters for high water flow

  • Rainwater collection tested & approved

  • UV protected & fire resistant

  • ​Prevents leaf/debris build-up

  • Inhibits mosquitos & wasps breeding in gutters

  • Meets international water safety guidelines

  • GutterFoam is safe for drinking water

”Continuous Spouting NZ’s largest spouting installer is proud to be associated with GutterFoam as the preferred gutter protection we install. This discreet product works perfectly with our spouting and we are proud to recommend GutterFoam”

-Continuous Spouting NZ



Whole House multi-Cartridge Filter Kits from $359 supplied & UV Kits from as low as $599. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Helping you keep your drinking water pure, safe & tasting great!



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Cartridge Filters from as low as $39.99

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Standard from $189 / Non- Return Valve unit from $229

Oxygen consumption is greatest near the bottom of a tank, where sunken organic matter accumulates and decomposes.

This anaerobic water is where you normally draw your water from.

A floating water pickup in your tank will take the water from just below the surface where the water is more oxygenated and the freshest. This water also contains less sediment that can prematurely shorten the life of you filters and pump.



Contact us to discuss your needs! We will supply the right diverter for your system at the best price possible

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