Full System Analysis & Report

Our 5 point System Analysis.

  • Aerial Roof & Gutter Inspection

Great for larger residential & commercial properties. (Flown by certified drone pilot)

  • Spouting & Downstream Pipe Inspection

  • Tank Inspection (Photo)

  • Filtration & Sterilization Inspection (Photo)

  • Water PH & Quality Test

Our client receives a full written report including photos & video of the current condition ​of all aspects of the rain water harvest system.


Roof & Gutter Inspection

Our certified drone pilot will fly your roof area to inspect the condition of your roof & gutters. Our client receives both video & photo to see the condition for themselves. 

Clients also have the option to get a 2D map of the roof done, to get accurate information on the total roof area & gutter lengths.


TankMate Wi-Fi Water Level Indicator Installation

Currently the best Wi-Fi water level indicator & app in NZ.

We supply, install & set up the TankMate & app at your residential, commercial or rural property.


Tank Cleans

We offer 2 options for your tank clean.

Tank Vacuum:

Great for annual tank clean outs. We use our special pump set up to vacuum the build up of sediment & organic matter from the bottom of your tank without draining all the water, keeping it fresh for another year.

Tank Scrub:

For heavy sediment, organic build up & algae. We drain the tank water, vacuum up the sediment & scrub the inside walls & floor of the tank. This method requires a delivery of water to refill the tank, which we will organize prior to booking in your job.


GutterFoam Installation

GutterFoam is the product we recommend for your gutters. GutterFoam stops EVERYTHING from getting into your water tank. We consider it to be the best value for money when it comes to gutter protection. This product comes with a 7 year product warranty when installed professionally.

Don't get the substandard knock-offs, get GutterFoam!


Cartridge Filter & UV Sterilizer Installation & Servicing

We supply and install Cartridge Filter & UV Sterilizer Systems.

As a service to our clients, we also check & replace cartridge filters & O-rings as well as replace your UV sterilizer bulbs & components.

Once in our database, we will contact you each time you are due for a service or replacement so our customer can rest easy, knowing their water is as pure & safe as possible.